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Kasern - Cultural diversity

Culture in the Ahrntal: from spiritual to secular

Do you want to know what Kasern and the Ahrntal have to offer in the cultural field?


built in 1455 and consecrated by Nikolaus Cusanus

Naturalpark-house Rieserferner-Ahrn

get in touch with nature

The Nature Park House Casere/Kasern allows you to get aware of the cultural aspects of the Valle Aurina/Ahrntal. In addition you may get in touch with the unique landscape of the Rieserferner Ahrn nature park.
Supported by touch screens, posters and graphics you discover more and more of the Valle Aurina/Ahrntal. Experience the meaning of tradition in the rural field.
If you love hiking the Nature Park House Casere/Kasern informs you about the objectives and tasks of the nature park. The most important hiking-paths enrich your knowledge of the Rieserferner Ahrn.


The art of Prettau/Predoi

museum of mining Prettau

With the railway into the mine

The heyday of the Prettau mine was 600 years ago, when the extraordinary malleability of Prettau copper was in great demand. The galleries, once driven inch by inch into the rock using only hand tools, are masterpieces of mining skill. Even in the 20th century, Prettau was the third largest copper supplier in Italy. Today a railway leads into the heart of the mine, while in the climate galleries, where the air is so pure, people can once more breathe freely.

contact: 0039 0474 654298

mining muesum Kornkasten

The riches of the earth

The ore deposits of Tyrol made the land and its princes rich. The “tradesmen” – the name given to the mining entrepreneurs – came mostly from the nobility and the upper middle classes and became the largest employers and investors in ore districts such as the Ahrntal Valley. The permanent exhibition in the Steinhaus grain store relates the example of the Count von Enzenberg, one of the most important tradesmen in the history of mining in the Ahrntal Valley.

mineral-museum Ahrntal

The mineral-museum in St. Johann dedicates its exposition to stones: minerals deriving from the Zillertaler Alps and the Hohen Tauern enchant the visitors.

crib-museum Maranatha

Marantha - that is the name of the crib-museum in Luttach. Marantha means: Our lord comes! The museum wants to contribute to a wider approach of Jesus' coming.

castle Taufers

one of the most beautiful castles of South Tyrol as well as the symbol of the valley

+39 348 584 17 87