health trail Prettau
health trail  Prettau
health trail  Prettau
health trail  Prettau,  Kneipp
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Discover the health on a trail

From the mine to the naturepark

"In this Nothing there is Everything!"
says your host Frida Volgger Griessmair, Almhaus Pfister

In the first health village in South Tirol, great worth is placed on calmness for humans and animals and the maintaining the fragile ecology system.

health trail Prettau

The health trail Prettau consists of a length of approximately 5 km.
A great distance for ones wellbeing. The movement in the forest, the beautiful sights in and out of the forest, spending time at the nature fond or at the waterfall and the various water activities. Add greatly to the strengthening and resistance forces and the health in general.

The trail is located between 1545 and 1620 m above sea level and is easy to reach.

+39 348 584 17 87